Car Parts - Vintage 1966 Mustang car parts" FOMOCO AM RADIO, GAS CAP, KEYS" CIRCA 1966

Vintage 1966 Mustang car parts" FOMOCO AM RADIO, GAS CAP, KEYS" CIRCA 1966

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Up for auction is a lot of 3 VINTAGE 1966 MUSTANG parts. Circa 1966. These parts are from my 1966 white mustang. I got the car for my 16th birthday in 1976. My dad worked on it at his friends house for months before he gave it to me. Already a classic after only 10 years. This lot includes the following parts. 1- ORIGINAL 1966 MUSTANG GAS CAP. It has the ORIGINAL retaining cable. The cable is great condition. No fraying or rust. Chrome is bright with no corrosion. Black center with the famous running mustang symbol.  2- This is the ORIGINAL set of Mustang keys that came with the mustang. Ignition and truck keys. One key has the running mustang. The other is key came with the car. Includes a mustang fob and playboy fob. That one still makes smile. Oh to be 16 again.  3- ORIGINAL 1966 mustang radio. Marked 6TPZ (this radio  was only used in the 1966 stang) 081526. marked under tuning knob 28-14675-8. Has the Philco 100% certification TEST label. All the black press buttons are in good shape. This radio worked when I took it out of my car in 1976. Don't know what I did with the knobs. The black front panel is still nice and black. The orange tuning indicator is nice and bright. No way of testing in now. All the parts are used and show normal wear and tear. Thanks for looking. 

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