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Petz Dogz 1 PC Games Windows 10 8 7 XP Computer kid dog animal pet sim pets

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Choose an adorable puppy from 5 different breeds. Put an adorable puppy in your PC! This amazing virtual pet needs food, water, grooming and discipline just like a real animal. But most of all it needs your love. Teach your clever puppy all kinds of tricks. You and your kitten can decorate your house together. You can train and beautify your companion to win fame and fortune in the talent shows. Or you can watch it soak up your attention. Either way you have a wonderful new friend who's always ready to play! Beagle: These hunting dogs are bundles of energy. Beagles are very loving but also very independent so it takes patience to train them. Short hair makes them easy to groom. Careful! These little pranksters will scratch up anything they can. Border Collie: These intelligent dogs are a pleasure to train. Border collies are loving and obedient companions. However their long hair requires more attention than other breeds'. German Shepherd: Shepherds are loyal pets. Their capacity for love is nearly boundless. they are also very adept learners. Their long fur is tricky to manage though and they bark more than other breeds. Labrador Retriever: These little puppies love to play. They are bright and quick friendly and loving. Labs are fast learners but may have trouble paying attention. They also need more water than other breeds as they tend to slobber. Pug: These puppies are little jokers. They love to play and they're very loving. Training a pug is tricky but they love the attention so you won't mind. Show them all the love you've got! $19.99 Original Retail Price SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 3 and get 3 FREE!* *Add any 4 games to your cart from : Our Favorite Game Store ebay will calculate one of your games as free and while your order is being shipped I'll add 2 of my favorites to your delivery. That's 3 free games! Petz Dogz Plays On: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP This Sale Includes: Original Retail Box or Case Original Manual or Install Guide (Sometimes found on the disk) Original Product CD Key (If one is needed) Original Disk

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