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Pearl Drums vinyl sticker decal

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Description: We use a high quality vinyl that is waterproof and UV restistant. Rated for 6-8 years indoor/outdoor. Can easily be removed without damaging the surface or leaving any sticky residue behind. This decal is only a single color with no background. The color of the surface you apply it to will be the background. Can be applied to: Boats, Jet skis, Automobile windows/paint, trailers, walls, tool boxes, laptops, game consoles, motorcycles, helmets, skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, instruments, etc. Colors Avaiable: Blue Lime Green Green Yellow Pink Bubble Gum Pink Red Black Flat Black Silver Gold Purple Orange Burgundy/Maroon and White of course Chrome Small Diamond Plate Large Diamond Plate Reflective White Reflective Black Check out my other items! Application Tips: The surface temperature should range from 60degrees F - 90degrees F. Surface prep is key for long vinyl life. Make sure the surface is clean of oil and debris. Decals should NOT be applied in the rain or snow. Step 1: Lay Decal on a flat smooth surface with the Transfer Tape facing upwards. Rub over the entire Decal firmly using your hands or any object like a Credit Card. This will help make sure that your Decal will stay Adhered to the Top Layer when being Peeled away from the Paper Backing. Step 2: When applying Decals, it may be Necessary to first Tape the Decal to the area you are applying it to. Use Small Pieces of Masking Tape on the Upper Corners to hold it in place where you want to apply your Decal. Line up your Decal and make sure it is straight. Once desired position is achieved; Use a Long Piece of Masking Tape to go along the Top Edge of the Decal; with Half the Tape on the Decal and the other Half on your Surface. Step 3: Flip the Decal up using the Masking Tape you applied along the top as a Hinge and Carefully Peel the Paper Backing away  Exposing only the Top Half of the Decal. Leave the Bottom Half with the Paper Backing still attached to the Decal for Protection. Step 4: Holding the bottom of your Decal away from the Surface, Use a Credit Card or similar type object with an Even Edge and begin to Lightly Rub down the Decal EVENLY from CENTER, from Top to Bottom until you reach the end. This is your Big Opportunity to Avoid Bubbles and Creases by going SLOWLY and applying EVENLY Step 5: Once you have all the Paper Backing Removed from the Decal, and the Decal is on the Surface; Use your Credit Card to Firmly smooth out or remove any Bubbles. Work Bubbles to the Outer Edges of the Decal. Step 6: Firmly go over the entire Decal, smoothing it out and ensuring that your Decal has Properly been Adhered to the Surface. You do not want your Decal peeling off with the Transfer Tape, so make sure you have went over the entire Decal using Firm Pressure. Decals have a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, the Harder you Rub the Harder it Sticks, also the Longer you let it sit the Stronger the Adhesive will Adhere Step 7: Start from the Top Right-Hand Corner [any Corner is Fine] and SLOWLY pull away the Transfer Tape at a Sharp Angle, [Because it will want to Resist]. Keep Peeling until all the Transfer Tape is Removed. Remember to go SLOWLY to Avoid Tearing the Tape or the Decal itself. If part of the Decal wants to come up with the Tape; Place the Decal back so the part that was not Sticking is back on the Surface. Use your Hand to Firmly Rub the Decal back on the Surface. Slowly Peel away and Continue Removing the Transfer Tape. If is still does not Adhere, make sure that area is Clean and try it again. After the Transfer Tape has been Removed, you may find that you have a few Bubbles. They will disappear on their own after a week or two.

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