Computer Games - Mixed video and computer game lot of 16 games and a promotional movie ticketĀ 

Mixed video and computer game lot of 16 games and a promotional movie ticketĀ 

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This is a auction of mixed video and computer game lot of 16 games. Also included in this auction is a $15 Fandango promotional Movie Ticket offer. Notice:  These games have not been tested.  Important Information Please Read! Due to the proliferation of a lack observation by some bidders I have encountered. I will put this as plainly as possible. This is a general auction lot. The items for sale may not be of the same series and may not work together.   Terms and Conditions:  1: You as the buyer; have thoroughly reviewed all of the auction information, and understand all of the points of it. If you do not understand any of the points, the seller will gladly explain them. If you have not read the auction proceeding, please take a moment and review the auction listing 2: You as the buyer; have reviewed the auction and understand as to what condition the items are in. 3: You as the buyer; after winning an auction, have four days to pay the agreed upon sum or contact the seller that payment will be late.If after four days, neither one of these two actions have happened, the seller has the option of awarding the auction the second highest bidder. 4: By bidding on this auction, You the buyer are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by the seller for this auction. 5: When you receive your package, if items are not as stated in the auction. Contact the seller immediately. The sellerwill gladly make reparations to the buyer   Note: Failure to follow though on these points could cause some very hard times.  (i.e. not reading the auction information, and just bidding, and when you receive the items, and they are not what you thought they were, and you contact the seller and complain about it, and the seller had stated what they were like in the auction very clearly. Then it is the fault of the buyer and not the seller.)    If in the event of any type of refund (excluding full refunds), It will be at the sellers discretion for the assessmentof a reimbursement value

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