game computer - Gaming Computer Intel I5 Quad Core 3.6Ghz 8GB PC 480GB SSD Rdy for Graphic Card

Gaming Computer Intel I5 Quad Core 3.6Ghz 8GB PC 480GB SSD Rdy for Graphic Card

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We provide you a real Quad Core I5, does Great w/ GPU add on instead of a nearly 10 yr old I5-650 Dual Core w/ useless HD 7xx0 Gpu I5 Quad Core Machine Max Boost 3.6Ghz /Base 2.7-3.3Ghz style/brand in this auction is subject to change Choose your LED Fan Color Red, Green, Blue, & {Purple or White/RGB} is a special order $$ Choose from 480GB SSD or 240GB SSD + Better looking case or fancier PSU **based on your location, may require price adjustment for shipping** Has onboard video but Install your own video card to greatly improve machine or buy upgrades from me! Adding a GTX 750 or better will allow you to run Fortnite well. *We are not responsible for your experience when upgrading/adding a gpu to the machine* I'd try to avoid some older AMD graphic cards as some do not like to work on these boards. No Wifi or Disc Drive, additional charge. Use Ethernet cable for best performance. We take shipping charges seriously, read shipping info below and computer specs. Ram, Motherboard are subject to change (but will all be relatively same idea or brands) I am using a Intel H61 Motherboard or other The I5 2320/2400S/2400 Quad Core in this auction Turbos to 3.3Ghz or 3.4Ghz (We can special order I5-2500K/ I5-3470/ I7-3770 for a fee or others & you can clock it at 3.8-4.0Ghz+ on your own with different cooler or Liquid Cooling, I am not liable for Ocs) But i do labor and install on Liquid cooling relatively cheap! (If your interested in a quote) Shipping is Free for *East Coast*, Mid West- West Coast will be charged $12-22 extra (can't really avoid it, prices are $35-50+ to ship across US safely) {We ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico but its $15-28. We ship to PO Box but $20-35Hawaii I don't know the charge USPS shipping for these areas.}If you want an add on/choose a case or know your state might have a charge, commit to buy but don't pay, message me, I will reply quickly with adjustment to your invoice. Each computer we build is CUSTOM for each customer. If you want something in your computer, feel free to contact us. Each computer is stressed to its breaking point before shipping to make sure that the only parts that leave are the best. Handling time is short or lot shorter than most! We work around the clock to ensure it is built and tested quickly but you must remember: We Are Human. Sadly we have to sleep. Rushing us will not make us build the computer any bit faster. The computers are built and tested in ORDER, if your computer is LAST in ORDER then it will be finished last. If you are patient you may be rewarded with free upgrades. Average Completion is 3-4 Business Days. (+1 or 2 days extra when you choose a case) You can shorten the wait if you ask me what cases are available on hand. Keep in mind we do work on Weekends but shipping does not count on weekends! Literally all businesses are closed or limited to no movement. For example: If I ship Friday or Monday your package will still arrive at same time most likely. (so you won't see tracking updates till M-F 4-6PM ET) Sometimes based on your location you can get package super fast. Buy with confidence. We are Gamers. We are Nerds. ____Scroll down to see computers specs____ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Contact (nine zero eight) 548-5086 other options ask me for pricing to add on. - ask for Led Mouse+Keyboard combo Avg Price $42 - Add Wifi for $15 Avg - upgrade to External Only DVD/CD drive for $35. *Internal DVD/Disc drives are now officially BANNED we no longer provide these, only can sell you external. Due to too many quality issues on internal disc drives, we have opt'd out of selling them as an add on. Your welcome to install your own, do it after you use the computer for a while. We are tired of these, most cases we provide don't even have a slot for them. They are extinct, use external Disc Drive. Everything is digital now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Gaming ---- ***BELOW IS GAMING INFO WHEN PAIRED WITH GT 1030 or Better Graphics card (we do sell these cards, but sometimes requires other upgrades) We Ran League of Legends, CSgo Maxed out settings and we don't feel anything, runs perfect. Battlefield 1 1080P GT 1030 - 1080P Low/Medium, it runs it well! GTX 1060 - Medium/High GT 1030- But I recommend Low 1080P GTX 1060 - Medium/High                                                                                                                                                     GTX 1070 + I7/Xeon/Ryzen - High/Ultra 1080P BF1 is more for a $1600-4000 computer, but i can build it for way less! Just ask me GTA V 1080P GT 1030 1080P Normal/Medium Mix GTX 1050Ti/1060 High/V High It runs it very smoothly. This game utilizes the hardware very well to give you a nice experience. Fortnite 1080P GT 1030 1080P Medium Mix GTX 1050/1060 High/V High It runs it very smoothly. This game utilizes the hardware very well to give you a nice experience. This computer plays all Games! Gaming Computer for low price! All you need is an HDMI Cable, DVI or adapter dvi to vga! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Operating Systems ---- Base Operating System: Windows 10 or 7 Professional (64bit) We can assist for One Year from purchase date with any Windows 7 issues. Contact for more info how to request help. Optional: No Operating System / No Hard Drive This option is for individuals who would like to install their own operating system with their own consent. We will test the computer on Windows 7 but we cannot and will not guarantee successful operation with this option. If you do not know how to install your own operating system and install drivers, DO NOT SELECT THIS OPTION. WINDOWS 10 is now a possible option (ask us first) WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HELP IF YOU UPGRADE on your own. Explanation: There has been constant issues with customers upgrading to Windows 10. Crashes, Bluescreens, Corrupted Operating Systems, Viruses, Glitches, and Privacy Breaches. According to a survey we have conducted shortly: 9 out of 10 Customers have regretted upgrading to Windows 10. For help reverting back to Windows 7 please search: Wiki how to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 or 8. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Specifications ---- Operating System Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional (64bit) Central Processing Unit Intel I5 2500s/3470 Quad Core Cpu 2.7/3.3Ghz Max Boost 3.6Ghz x1 (Can be overclocked more but I am not liable for your experience) Also no limitation to this Cpu, I've sold numerous in $1000+ Builds Its a very capable 8 Core (Special Order Options, Skylake/Kabylake I5/I7, I will install for you) Cpu Cooler Stock Cooler from Intel or Arctic Brand (the temps are good) (can special order watercooling or other coolers from me, shown in photos too) Graphics Processing Unit Intel HD 2000 Graphics Ram Random Name Brand Ram Hynix, Samsung, other 4x2GB or 2x4gb = 8GB Total (ask for Led ram pricing, 16gb, other ram add ons) ram upgrade is an additional$90 for 16GB Motherboard Intel, Msi, Asus H61 Motherboard with 6 Usb Ports on Rear x1 Power Supply 380/400W Misc Diablotek/EVGA/Thermaltake/Zalman x1 New With Warranty Case Choose your case! Only $15-30 extra charge based on the case all will have a choice of LED Color (choosing case adds 1 or 2 days to build time) (if you don't choose the LED it will come with anyone at random) x1 New With Warranty Hard Drive 480GB SSD Standard (boots in 20-25 seconds or so) (Only seller offering this w/ machine at this price point, period) upgrade to 900GB SSD for +$60 (instead of 480GB SSD) add 1TB HDD secondary storage for +$45 add 2TB HDD secondary storage for +$70 x1 With Warranty No Keyboard, wifi or mouse! Ask if you need affordable one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Cables ---- This auction only provides the Power Cable. Message if you need any assistance acquiring cables or adapters. It works with DVI and will project video/audio from dvi if your tv or monitor has speakers as well! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Upgrades ---- Ask about upgrades if you want anything added or changed to your order. (most will require separate order through PP) Add a LED TV/Monitor 20" 5ms for $85 shipped! Parts can be swapped before purchase but price can fluctuate depending on the change. A labor charge may be added depending on the complexity of the swap. Requesting a part that is not in stock will increase the time it takes to ship out package. Low ranking members on Ebay will not be allowed to participate in part-swapping. Please contact us before purchase for upgrade information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Warranty and Sale Information ---- All parts are brand new and have valid warranties from the original manufacturer. We do not include a warranty with the sale and the product, so there will be no returns. Any problems with the device could solved with replacement parts or RMA process from the part manufacturer. However we can make exceptions to fix the product if you provide funds for replacement parts or upgrade parts + shipping costs. No Returns are accepted but if you try to force a return there is a 35% restock fee. No matter the reason! We can provide online assistance for free up to one year of the purchase date. Online assistance is for Windows 7 related issues only. Diagnostics can also be conducted via Online Assistance for a damaged computer. Additional cost may apply after the year is up. Contact for Free Online Assistance. 100% Complete Plug N Play Bid With Confidence MANY HAVE LOST THE POWER. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE IT BACK. Copyright (C) 2016 LOSTPOWER

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