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Freshwater And Seawater Akoya Oysters Each With 6-7mm Pearl - Located USA

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One Individually Wrapped Oyster - Freshwater Oyster Each With 6-7mm Pearl. See our the first two photos, the difference between Freshwater Oyster shells and Akoya Oyster Shells. We have a mix of 10 Freshwater Oysters and also a mix of 5 Seawater Akoya Oysters. Treasure chest is not included!!! Description:Pearl size: 6-7mm with standard error .3mm - The size varies out of the 6-7mm range, we don't guarantee.Pearl Color: is closed to the photo - we don't guarantee the color inside but we will do our best. To ensure the colors please notes us to open oysters and send loose pearls.  Since they are real pearls, even for loose pearls the selected color can be lighter or darker.Pearl Shape: Round Pearls (might not be perfect round)Pearl Quality Freshwater: A to A+Pearl Quality Seawater/Akoya Oyster: AAA (highest quality)Note: 99.999% of the oysters contain pearlswe don't guarantee pearls inside.  To ensure of pearls, please note us to open and send the pearls. A very slim chance these oysters can be bad, smelly or even rotten, we do make sure that they are good before shipping.  Please note us for loose pearls, to avoid the bad, smelly or even rotten encounter.  Enjoy opening the oyster to reveal the pearl inside! Cultured oysters with pearls, these are 100% real pearls and may have imperfect marks. When opening please be careful NOT to scratch the pearl(s) inside, best if you use a shucker to open them.  Once the oyster is opened, clean and sanitize by rubbing the pearl with salt. Rinse the pearl with cold or slightly warm water. Dry the pearl with a clean towel or cloth. Let the pearl stand to dry as the pearl may still change color. Oysters are NOT edible. Please safely dispose the the shells after opening. Maintaining the Pearls:The number one rule of all pearls, take care of them like a jewelry, by storing them properly.  Avoid chemicals that will affect or damage the pearls. Tracking is available when the order total meets the minimum.  Else we will ship orders without a tracking, shipping and delivery time is between 2-10 business days.Orders without tracking numbers if do not receive after 10 business days and no longer than 24 days, please ask us for a refund.  We do not reship. When purchasing 1 or 2 oysters, if the shipping is insufficient please REFUSE the carrier and have the package forwarded back to us, we will reimburse.  We will not be responsible for insufficient postage.

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