Laptop Windows - Dell 1200mhz Windows  95/98se/NT/2000/XP/Dos Compatibility laptop computer-

Dell 1200mhz Windows 95/98se/NT/2000/XP/Dos Compatibility laptop computer-

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Out of Country buyers.  Please contact me first before purchasing if you want to know the final cost of your purchase. DO NOT PURCHASE TO FIND OUT AND THEN NOT PAY. Are you a Business that needs help fast to replace one or more pieces of old important computer hardware, I can help. Contact me with questions. These systems are made to work with your windows NT/98/2000 programs.  AND are DOS READY. See more below*. Shipping is usually done in a day or two. I put the handling time high so eBay does not black mark me for taking extra time if a customer has a special request. Programs available on some of these systems. Reader Rabbit - Jumpstart 1,,2, and 3rd Grade and many many other educational programs I am not able to list in total. If you need one of these not mentioned let me know. Please read this entire description. Do you have a Need--  This is only one example of what I can provide when asked. Look at the very bottom of this text for an example.  The basic configuration below.   Dell Latitude - 1200mhz and higher - 256mb ram - 30 or 40gb total storage - DVDrom - All important communication ports available on Laptop. Includes power supply.   -- Also, 3.5" Floppy drives are available as an option.  Also if the integrated mouse does not work optimally I will include a free USB mouse. These are all checked before shipping. DUAL BOOT SYSTEM        >>> Contact me if you need a different OS on this computer. See very bottom of this description.*** This Laptop comes with Windows 98se and 2000 installed and can Boot to either. If you need Windows XP instead of 2000 let me know since I have some of these machines as well. Just purchase and message me you want >98/XP and I will take care of the rest. Also can boot to Dos if you like. See*** below. Although specific service pack options are available if needed the units "as listed" have all updates and Service Packs done and have including many extras like win98 with thumb drive support. Also, Win95 is very compatible with the Win98se system.  - ***This computer can operate in a Pure Dos environment with a DVD/cdrom,  mouse active and up to 32gb thumb drive support. Ready for the Dos programs that use them. If you have special needs in Dos contact me and I will advise. The Thumb drive that I use is seen in the pictures. I have not tested many others. Pure Dos is available on the Win98 partition. - Please message or call with compatibility questions 919 553 3980    This computer has a number of utilities. Although it has Business application in mind it has many other uses as well. I have a DVD player installed on Win98 and Win2000. It should work with most DVDs. It worked fine for me but I can not guarantee your DVDs play-ability on this system. This laptop has a VGA out port and interfaces with Monitors/Flat Panels Through a VGA in port. So this laptop can double as a  portable gaming system as well. I tested many games on it to make sure Win98/2000 would have no problems. So if you have old game cdroms that you could not play on your modern PC, this system will likely play them.   Many older business and programming applications needed the ability to communicate with different equipment and this laptop series that is being used for this all have the basic Legacy components needed. Here is a short list of features that have been configured to be ready for your software to use. A physical  Com/Serial port. A parallel port PCMCIA ports LAN and Wifi hardware available although this is not recommended for surfing the net. VGA out  What is good about this laptop is the extreme Windows compatibility with Application programs made for WIndows between 1993 to 2003. An example is you may have an older piece of equipment that requires communicating through a real 9 pin serial port or 25 pin Parallel port. Since these computers still have these port mounted it will make the connection much easier to configure. I encourage people to ask questions. If you want to know if one of your Programs will work with one of my systems I can let you know for sure. The Last thing you want to do is waste time and money. Purchase the best system the first time that will cover the widest range for the programs you want to use. You would be surprised at the number of issues these well-configured systems address. So feel free to ask and Please give me a little time to get back to you. These computers completely take the guesswork out of obtaining a compatible computer for Windows NT/98/2000/Dos apps.  If you figure in the... 1) Computer 2) Operating system 3) All components working properly. 4) The time and Expert attention devoted.      All this to make sure everything is right the first time. Then the asking price of these Ultra compatible computers is minimal.  The idea is to provide a Service and not just a decent laptop. People want to know they are not going to have to root out a lot of problems first after receiving the unit. Comes with power cord. The Laptop may or may not include a battery. If it does, the battery may be aged and may no longer charge or hold a charge. Batteries are relatively inexpensive here on eBay and the computer works fine running on the power cord. I can not afford to include a new battery with the lap at this price.    These Laptops have screens that are in generally decent condition. Sometimes they will have a variation in brightness across the screen, this is not unusual for laptops of this era. Some may have a few dead pixels and the color may be a little off. All can be plugged into a VGA monitor for viewing as well and used as a replacement for a desktop. Laptops may have dings in the lid and scratches as you would expect from a laptop nearing 20 years old. But they work very well and have already proved they will last. (These laptops are for people who need an important utility or for programs that will NOT work right with modern computers.) I am very careful about how I pack and ship your laptop. The reason is after you go through all the trouble of finding the laptop that you want and suits your needs. It is a real disappointment to receive it and have it broken in shipping. This causes all kinds of problems. So I do the little extra need to make sure your laptop comes ready to use. It would be hard to abuse one of these laptop packages badly enough to damage its contents.    Please ask questions and I will answer ASAP. *** Upon request you can get other Operating systems with this auction like XP. So If you need say only XP SP1 or SP2 just ask. Some old programs do not work with any other but very specific configurations.    If you have other OS needs or need a specific OS, let me know and I will see what I can do for you. I am very good at providing what is needed.  --Harry Ex: A laptop with DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11,  DOS 7.1, Windows 98se and finally Windows 2000 or XP installed and can Boot to any of these from a start menu. These are not done in emulator boxes of a shell but the full original operating systems with full compatibility. Questions 919 553 3980

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