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DC Shoe Vinyl Decal Sticker Free Shipping

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Visit my eBay Store:DECAL-CARVER     VINYL DECALS!!   FREE SHIPPING!!!!!! NOTE - There is no background on this decal. Size is width of decal, height is kept proportional. All items that are sold here are made of Computer Die-Cut Exterior Vinyl.  They are intended for use on the exterior of any mostly flat semi-non-porous surface.  These are most commonly purchased for the back glass, side glass or windshield of vehicles. They will, however, apply to any flat, clean surface. All decals are shipped masked and ready for application. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT, you'll just need a clean surface to apply your decal onto.  Simply use a paper towel and a good cleaner like Windex or alcohol to clean your surface with. 1) Line the decal up first to make sure it fits in your desired space. 2) Peel the backing off. 3) After the backing is off, carefully place the decal where you want it,  then use a squeegee (a credit card will work for this) and run over the decal  with added pressure for it to stick to your surface.  Start in the middle of the decal and work out in all angles.  This will get all the air bubbles out. 4) Now, begin to peel the application tape off the decal.  Start from one end and peel away from the surface at 180 degrees  (pulling it back over itself very slowly).  If the decal starts to peel off, STOP,  and apply more pressure to the decal before you continue to remove the application tape.  5) Finally, just go over the decal with your hand and smooth it down.  You now have a nice looking vinyl graphic!   If bubbles appear in your decal, simply pop them with a needle or sharp edge. TIP: When positioning the graphic, try putting a piece of masking tape along the top of it.                  Then use it as a hinge and lift the decal up to pull the backing off.  Now just lay the decal down onto the surface, and rub on. VIEW MY OTHER ITEMS

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