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Custom Vinyl Lettering Decal Personalized Sticker Window Text Name Car Wall

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If you want tracking, you must choose a paid shipping option at checkout (a few of which are offered). The free/default shipping choice IS NOT TRACKED and can be unreliable at times. Furthermore, if you choose the free shipping, decals 8" x 4" in size or larger may need to be cut/folded to fit the necessary mailer, which some customers may find bothersome. Please message me with any concerns. I'm more than happy to walk you through or meet special needs. Quantity of 1 listing = 1 high quality custom vinyl sticker and application instructions. You choose the LENGTH (left to right) from the drop-down menu. DO NOT CHOOSE THE 'CUSTOM INCREMENT' AT THE VERY BOTTOM, unless I have directed you to do so for an oddly priced project. 20 characters max for list price, no emojis, all languages are fair game. I will need a few things from you upon purchasing, explained in detail below. To provide your list of details, simply type it in the note to seller at the time of checkout, and/or send me a direct message. I will need: a) " Your Text " - using quotation marks to avoid any confusion, capitalized EXACTLY as you'd like. Please note, some font choices are the same uppercase as they are lowercase. Refer to listing photos. b) the font choice - A NUMBER: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.- found in the listing photos. "Script" or "that one in the picture" is not a font choice. YOUR FONT CHOICE WILL BE A NUMBER. See listing photos. c) color - also found in the chart on the listing photos. I DO NOT HAVE ANY COLORS BESIDES WHAT IS PICTURED. d) ANY unique height/layout requests that deviate from my listing as described below, and if you'd like a preview before I ship (preview may add some time onto your estimated delivery). EXAMPLE: Great: A) " Tom " B) font 10 C) color sunflower D) 2" tall maximum Not great: Rich green 4 number 4 font green 1" PLEASE PROOFREAD AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LIST BEFORE SUBMITTING. When you hit send/submit, you are confirming all of those details are correct and complete. I cannot stress this enough. Please proofread. A failure to proofread and/or include something (for example, forgetting a color choice) accounts for almost all of my problems with buyers. Your decals will be made based off the very first list of details you provide, even if you fail to provide any of the above things. Sending an additional message requesting a change does not guarantee it will happen. I usually WILL NOT see any requests for changes until your decals are already made. Please also review the following detailed item description for specific information on the product. You can ask me a question and wait a day for a response, or simply read below and most likely find your answer within a few minutes. In the case you feel your question is not answered, don't hesitate to send me a message. I'm aware it can be a little confusing, and I'm more than happy to help and talk stickers! This listing is for ONE (1) personalized vinyl text decal (one color, text only, no emojis or custom art). If you have a logo/custom art, please message me BEFORE purchasing to make sure it is doable. Precision cut in Pennsylvania with 6 year outdoor vinyl by a real graphic designer. I've been referred to numerous times as the "best" on eBay, and was one of the originals to list stickers on here many years ago. Many listings you see now are sellers who copied my product and undercut my prices with cheaper materials. I go out of my way to make sure my decals and materials are some of the best you can find on here, or anywhere. The sizing choice (3", 4", etc.) refers to the LENGTH, left to right, of your decal. Again, they are measured in LENGTH, left to right. The height (top to bottom) of the decal will vary depending on # of characters and font choice. Typically they run from 1"-5" in height depending on a number of things. For example, "Tom" at a 3" length would be a bit taller than "Stephanie" at a 3" length. If you have specific height requirements or questions, please let me know as I'm happy to help. The decal height (top to bottom) cannot exceed 1/2 the length on size choices of 5" and larger. In other words, if your decal is 14" length, the height cannot exceed 7" for list price. We can indeed do larger sizes like this, but we must discuss alternate pricing. Just shoot me a message. The decal text is limited to a max of 20 characters per decal. With that being said, I can do decals much greater than 20 characters, but please message me before making a purchase as we will have to price them differently. I can also do custom logos, but not with this pricing. Please reach out for specific pricing if you have a custom logo or design. These decals are perfect for automobiles, windows, coolers, mailboxes, water bottles, laptops, hard hats, sports helmets, storefronts, and more. They are very durable and weather resistant. They will basically last until you remove them (under normal conditions). The decals will adhere to basically any solid non-porous surface. Acceptable surfaces include finished wood, plastic, walls (smooth, painted), car bodies, car windows, metal, glass, acrylic, etc. Unacceptable surfaces that won't pair well with the vinyl and adhesive include clothing, fabric, skin, bumpy plastic, bumpy drywall, or any porous/soft surface. These are die-cut vinyl, meaning the sticker will be JUST THE TEXT. There is no "background", and no "printing" involved. Refer to the listing photos for how decals will look when applied. They are applied using a masking tape-like material called "transfer tape". It is applied over every decal, and helps you lift and apply the lettering in one step, rather than applying each letter individually. The process is very easy, and I include application instructions with every single order. These decals are cut from solid color rolls of adhesive vinyl. Do not submit full color photos and ask if I can "print" them, because again they are not printed. Think of the decals as being punched from construction paper- if the shape/image can't be 'punched' out, it probably is not doable. If you would like a preview or exact size quote for your desired text and font choice, please request this in your order details and I will send you a mock-up design (via direct message) for approval before I make the decal/s. Otherwise, your decal will be made exactly as you ask, and no preview will be sent beforehand. Returns/refunds/redo's are ONLY accepted in the instance that I make an error, which is very rare, because the text will be copy and pasted directly out of the message to assure correct spelling/capitalization. In the case of an error claim, I will open the cut file from your order date and cross reference it with your order details. If it was my error (I'm a very honest guy, and always admit when it's my fault), you will be sent remakes or refunded. If it was your error, you must either reorder or use them as-is. I do not like to argue. This policy is what it is and will not be bent whatsoever. I do offer steep discounts for buyer related errors (if you mess something up and want to try again). Please inquire via message. Be sure to follow the included application instructions (mailed with your order), and watch the recommended instructional videos. *NOTE: Stickers do not come with anything pictured in the example listing photos! Photos are simply examples of possible applications. Additional info: -If no color or font is selected, you may be mailed a random color and font. If you do not send your details at the time of checkout, you may be mailed completely random decals. I will try my best to reach you but cannot hold your order longer than 1 week. As an eBay buyer, it is your responsibility to monitor messages, orders, etc. Please be prompt and courteous in the instance I have a question regarding your order. - All orders, Monday-Thursday are shipped within 24 hours of purchase (order volume permitting). All orders placed Friday - Sunday will be shipped Monday when I return to the office. Holidays can and will cause changes to this schedule. - PLEASE FOLLOW ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS! I go out of my way to ship all decals in less than 24 hours of purchase, so please put in some effort for me to follow my directions! You will make my life so much easier! If you do not follow these instructions, you are only increasing your wait time! Follow the instructions, and I can have your decals made and shipped within 12-24 hours in most cases dependent on current order volume. That means quicker delivery to you. -Only messages sent to us through eBay are monitored and responded to. Most questions can be answered by reading the details of each listing. In the event the answer you seek is not there, please do not hesitate to contact me.. -All aspects and prices of my shop are subject to change without notice, including prices. If I've made a mistake with your order, please let me know and I will rectify the situation immediately! Terms of Sale: -All sales are final. Returns, exchanges, refunds and/or cancellations are not accepted for buyer-end errors (failing to read the listing, forgetting to include a font choice, etc.). -"The decals don't work", "the decals don't stick", "the decals are ugly" and other cosmetic/application based arguments are not valid basis for a return. They work. I apply them every day for a full time living. They are all made from the same brand and make of material, consistently ordered from the same supplier. If there is any error in how they apply/stick, it is not from any kind of error on my end (unless 200 customers reach out with the same claim of them not sticking- then it may be attributed to a faulty roll of vinyl, transfer tape, etc.). I apply these decals both large and small on a regular basis for local businesses and companies. The glue/adhesive is the same on every single decal, and if something were faulty, I would be the very first person to notice (and correct it). You can see by my feedback that the decals do indeed work/stick/come as described. I provide application instructions, so if you follow them (both in pre-cleaning and application), I can assure you they will "work" wonderfully. If you do not follow these instructions, your decals will not "work" and that is on you! **Returns are ONLY accepted in the instance that I make an error, which is very rare, because the text will be copy and pasted directly out of the message to assure correct spelling/capitalization. In the instance of an error claim, I will open the cut file from your order date and cross reference it with your order details. If it was my error, you will be sent remakes. If it was your error, you must either reorder or use them as-is. I have no use whatsoever for decals which were already made to your standards that you decided you no longer want. I cannot 'reuse' them. There are no exceptions whatsoever that will be made.

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