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Completely Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decal Sticker Car Logo Business Wall Image

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IN ANY CASE, this listing requires communication directly with me via message. Sometimes, the best way to start our project will just be to message me and inquire. If your custom design is simply a word or name in plain text (not necessarily a logo), simply go to my store and check out my text decal listings. I offer many text decal listings with various font choices and sizes. If your design is an actual logo, keep reading! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING UNTIL 1) WE HAVE COMMUNICATED DIRECTLY VIA DIRECT MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR DESIRED DESIGN and 2) YOU HAVE READ AND REVIEWED THIS ITEM DESCRIPTION. The only exception is if you're a return customer who already knows the process and has their art on file, then feel free to order away at your convenience. This can indeed be confusing if you're a first time customer, but that is what I am here for. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. BEFORE PURCHASING - First refer to listing photos for examples of what is/isn't acceptable artwork. Acceptable designs are 1 color (2-3 MAX in some very rare instances) and very simple in nature. Unacceptable designs are trademarked logos (NFL Teams, energy drinks, etc.), full-color photos, multicolor designs (with fades or gradients), or very finely detailed artwork (for example a pencil sketch of a person). A good rule of thumb is if the logo could be 'punched' from a solid color sheet of paper, it's probably going to work. If not, you may have to go with PRINTED decals rather than DIE-CUT. If you think your logo will be acceptable, or are unsure after reviewing the examples, simply send me a message with an image of your desired design, so I can personally review it. BY SUBMITTING A DESIGN, YOU ASSUME FULL OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LOGO/DESIGN (remember, no trademarked or copyrighted logos/designs). Once I approve that it is acceptable, be sure to have a "vector file" of the logo readily available (common examples of 'vector' file formats include .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, .ps, and some others; A PICTURE OF A DESIGN OR OLD STICKER IS NOT A 'VECTOR FILE'). Additional info: This listing is for 1 "completely custom" personalized DIE-CUT vinyl decal (roughly 5"x5" although other sizes are available upon request). Very clear and simple printed application instructions are included with every purchase. Please be aware, colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor - reach out via message if you would like actual photos of the vinyl itself, rather than color chart representations as they sometimes lack the 'crispness' and true shade of the vinyl. I do indeed do bulk pricing on orders of 100 decals or more, sometimes as low as 50 cents per decal. Length and size may vary based on the shape of your design. The 5" estimate is simply my standard sizing. Feel free to request alternate sizes available at alternate pricing (we will have to discuss this via message as price will change with size). Perfect for businesses, sports teams, clubs, weddings, brands, stores, organizations, or just someone who wants to put their name or logo on something! The decals are great for laptops, boats, ATV's, cars, car windows, car doors, machinery, helmets, coffee tumblers, beer mugs, wine glasses, and basically all smooth, nonporous surfaces. Very durable and weather resistant, these die-cut stickers will typically last until you remove them under normal circumstances. They're not INVINCIBLE, just the toughest kind of STICKER you will find. For surfaces that will receive extreme abuse, consider ordering a negative/stencil decal in order to paint your desired design on the surface. Made in Pennsylvania out of 6 year calendared vinyl by a real graphic designer. These are DIE-CUT vinyl transfer decals, meaning the sticker will be JUST THE TEXT/DESIGN - there is no "background". Refer to listing photos for detailed images of what exactly these decals are, and how the stickers will look when applied. There is a chance you may have never encountered these kind of decals before. If so, you're in for a treat! If you've already encountered them, I'm sure I can give you the smoothest and best experience with them you've had! *NOTE: Stickers do not come with anything pictured in the example listing photos! Photos are simply examples of possible applications. Explanation of Pricing: The first decal is $5 (at the 5" size- larger sizes may be priced alternatively). All additional orders following that first order will start at $1 per decal and up depending on size and complexity (for example, under normal circumstances, three decals of the same 5" design would be $6... $4 for the first, two additional at $1 each). Reason being is that I will have to spend a little extra time on the initial setup of the design for my machine. Once we do so, it will be saved on my drive for any and all future use (be it immediately or later down the road). Therefore, price then drops to what I refer to as 'base price'. Base price may vary based on the complexity of the design and the amount of time I see going into each decal, but typically will range from about $1-$2 per decal at the 5" size or smaller. Larger size will be priced alternatively. Die-cut decals are a process that requires 25% machine work and 75% tedious hand work. Complex designs will GREATLY increase the time it takes me to finish each decal; so it is hard to give a concrete price until I see your design - another reason you need to reach out directly to discuss your specific design. I'm very friendly and answer all messages as soon as possible - don't be afraid to reach out! COMMUNICATION DETAILS: -Only messages sent to us through eBay are monitored and responded to. Most questions can be answered by reading the details of each listing. -In the event the answer you seek is not there, please do not hesitate to contact us. ADDITIONAL DETAILS: -All aspects of my shop are subject to change without notice. If I've made a mistake with your order, please let me know and I will rectify the situation immediately! TERMS OF SALE: -All sales are final. Returns, exchanges, refunds and/or cancellations are not accepted**. It is the buyer's responsibility to read the listings before making their purchase. The buyer is solely responsible for what they purchase and how their purchase is used. The seller is not responsible for mistakes made to an order due to buyer error. -"The decals don't work", "the decals don't stick", "the decals are ugly" and other cosmetic/application based arguments are not valid basis for a return. They are all made from the same brand and make of material, consistently ordered from the same supplier. If there is any error in how they apply/stick, it is not from any kind of error on my end (unless 200 customers reach out with the same claim of them not sticking- then it may be attributed to a faulty roll of vinyl, transfer tape, etc.). The glue/adhesive is the same on every single decal. You can see by my feedback that the decals do indeed work/stick/come as described. I provide application instructions, so if you follow them (both in pre-cleaning and application), I can assure you they will "work" wonderfully. If you do not follow these instructions, your decals will not "work" and that is on you! **Returns are ONLY accepted in the instance that I make an error.

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