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Big Lot PC Computer Games Adventures~Mysteries~Vampires Horror Witches Terror

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Big Lot PC  CD-ROM Computer Games 1. Midnight Mysteries Devil in the Mississippi **Collector Edition 2011 (Teen) 2. Deadtime Stories 2010 (E-Teen) **Bonus: Dr. Lynch Grave Secrets 3. Witchhaven Blood Vengeance II (vintage) **Bonus: Chronomaster Demo 4. American Horror 2 (4 pack) 2013 (Teen) A. Nightmare on the Pacific B. Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings    **Collector Edition** C. Mirror Mysteries D. The Stanwick Mystery 5. Legends if Terror 6 pack 2011 Also includes  Kidnapped, Mountain Crime,  Mysteries of Ancient Inventors, Soul Journey 6. Jack the Ripper Real Crimes- Unicorn Killer **2010 (Teen) 7. Vampireville & Vampire Brides Love Over Death. 2011 (Teen) cover is tattered 8. Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate 2009 (Teen) Big Fish 9. Paranormal Mysteries 2 (2012) A. Mountains of Madness B. Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings C. The Stanwick Mystery 10. Paranormal Mysteries 3 (Teen) 2013 A. Haunted Past Realm of Ghost B. Abyss the Wraths of Eden C. Enigmatis-Ghost of Maple Creek   11. Gold Edition  Titan Quest (Teen) 2007 12. Unreal "Its called Unreal because it is" *1998 Vintage (Windows 95) (Teen-Blood & Violence) 13. Salem Secrets  Witch Trials of 1692 **Bonus game included. 2010 14. Mystery Case Files Collection 2009 A. Huntsville Crime Spree B. Ravenhearst C. MCF Prime Suspects 15. Midnight Mysteries Salem Witch Trails **Rated Everyone 2009 16. Mystery Legends  Sleepy Hollow 2008 **Best Hidden Object Game of the Year. 17. Vampires  Secrets: Civil War Bonus **Big Fish 2010 (PC & Mac) 18. Legends of the Shadows 3 pack 2011 A. Epic Escape:Dark Seas B Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper C. Jane Lucky 19. Tomb Raider the Last Revelation *Vintage 2000~Windows 95&Up 20. Pitfall the Lost Expedition (vintage 2004) 21. Amazing Paranormal Mysteries  2011 A  Immortal Lovers B. Ghost Whisperer C. Sinister City 22. Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove 2010 Some Legends are Best Left Alone 23. Ancient Secrets Quest for the Golden Key 24. Haunted Hotel & Hotel 2 by Big Fish 2010 25. Gogii's Diamond Edition 4 pack (2012) A. Priness Isabella Return of the Curse B. Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Whale C. The Clumbsys Butterfly Effect D. VooDoo Whisperer Curse of a Legend 25. Mysteryville 2 & Pirateville 2009 26. Ghost Hunters by eGames 2007 All are Rated Everyone, except otherwise stated Adventures~Mysteries~Vampires Horror Witches Terror . Condition is Like New Adult Collection

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