Laptop Windows - Acer Aspire One 10.1" Laptop BLACK - Windows 10, Intel Atom, 250GB HDD D257 ZE6

Acer Aspire One 10.1" Laptop BLACK - Windows 10, Intel Atom, 250GB HDD D257 ZE6

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Right System Builder   Battery Life: All batteries have been tested and hold a charge, with that said...  The multiple units covered by this listing are all used and contain their original batteries so the batteries installed in the devices vary in wear. Batteries aren't worn enough to justify replacement, but they also do not hold the same capacity as when they were new. Most were measured to be approximately half-way through their natural life cycle. In our testing, on average the units from this listing would last between 2 and 3 hours from a full charge running on battery alone. If you plan on using the device for prolonged periods away from the charger, you may want to purchase a fresh new battery. (Tip: search for "battery acer 722" or "AL10B31" or "AL10A31"). For battery buyers who wish to be extra thorough, there is an extensive list of many other models that all use this same model battery - at the very bottom. Features at a glance 10.1" Display (1024x600) Windows 10 Home Operating System INTEL N570 Processor (Dual core) Wifi 802.11B/G Front webcam 2GB Working Ram(upgraded from 1GB) 250GB  HDD VGA Output (D-Sub: DB-15) 3x USB 2.0 Ports       Disclaimer: This opinion assessment is based on our casual observations and no actual bench marking or in depth performance study was done in its determination. Depending on configuration and load management, performance can vary dramatically. This is just a casual assessment to help potential buyers decide if this device MIGHT meet their practical needs - PROVIDED FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Our Quick Performance Impression: This model is relatively low-spec. Performance wise, it is clearly a netbook[a laptop created mainly for internet use]. 10 inch size makes it easily portable with just enough power for casual use like word processing, web-surfing, and streaming video playback. Not recommended for graphically intense pc gaming or applications that require more than basic graphical output. BUT...this is just our opinion. Sale Includes: Laptop Power Adapter Description [Model: Acer Aspire One D257 - alt model name: ZE6 - Black]  Up for sale is a USED(used then refurbished) 10 inch Acer Aspire One Laptop - upgraded to Windows 10 Home. This model uses a traditional laptop track-pad for navigation(not touch screen). The unit is black in color.  This laptop is partially refurbished, which means that it has undergone the refurbishment process in all ways EXCEPT for cosmetic. We have disassembled, cleaned and upgraded the hardware and software but the exterior is the same as when we received it. Ram has been upgraded from 1GB up to 2GB to help it perform stably in Windows 10.   External connectors and ports include:  3x USB 2.0 Ports 1x 3.5" Audio jack 1x 3.5" Mic Jack 1x Ethernet Port 1x VGA output port(DB-15). Physical Condition: This laptop is in good USED condition with no major blemishes. The only noticeable signs of wear that we observed were a few average scratch marks on the glossy lid. If you study the keyboard, you might find some wear on certain keys but overall keyboard wear is pretty minimal as well. Returns: We accept returns on most items(except parts-only, as-is, or liquidation lots). Our store utilizes Ebay's easy return system but we always suggest that you contact us first before starting an automated return. The item can be returned or exchanged free of charge under the following circumstances: The item you have received is significantly not as described The item arrived broken. Within the first 30 days of receipt, a significant defect has been found with the item during use. Customer pays return shipping if: A working item is received but customer would like to return it based on preference. Customer no longer requires the item If you want to return, always contact us via Ebay message, we may have flexibility based on the specific item being returned or various other factors that will allow us to provide extended support. Our goal is to help. Shipping: This item ships for free as do most other items we sell. We usually ship NEXT DAY from the purchase date, or often same day whenever possible depending on time-zone and the time the order was received. We ship "next day" because most of the items we sell are used or refurbished tech and we like to put in extra time to test and examine the devices we sell before we ship them to ensure the best possible customer experience. We are located in Cleveland Ohio and ship most items via USPS priority mail(fastest shipping throughout the continental US). Average USA arrival time is usually between 2-4 days from the date of order and will generally depend on proximity to the state of Ohio. For example: An item shipping to the next state over will likely take 2 days to arrive while an item traveling across the length of the USA from Ohio will likely take a bit longer. As a seller, we can only guarantee that we will get it into the shipping company's hands asap, after that point we do not have a lot of power over the remaining journey or any delays that might be imposed by the shipper. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you if needed. Extra: Compatible models that use the same battery as the laptop listed include: Matching battery models: AL10BW, AL10G31, BT.00603.121, LC.BTP00 Models that use the same battery: Acer Aspire One D255, AOD255, D260, D270, D270-1401, AO522-BZ465, AO722-0418, AO722-0652, AO722-BZ699, AOD260-2344, AOD260-2571, AOD260-N51B/K, AOD260-N51B/M, AOD270, AOD270-1401, AOD270-1834, AOHAPPY-1515, 522-BZ897, D260-2028, D260-2380, 722, D260-2680, D260-2Bkk, D260-N51B/S

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