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~*~ (2) 3 MONOGRAM INITIALS Vinyl Decal Sticker CUSTOM Decals Available YETI

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Hi there and thanks for viewing my auction!!! Price Reduced & FREE SHIPPING (Usually ships within 1 Business Day)!!! You are purchasing 2 sets (of the same) Monogram Initials vinyl decal (or whatever custom decal you are needing).  You will get 3 initals with the outer initials being smaller and the middle initial being larger. ***Message me the 3 Initials you want at checkout AND the order you want them in (Example: I would like the initials ABC, 1st initial A, center inital B, last initial C).  You can get just 1 or 2 initials if you prefer, just let me know in message at checkout*** Decals can be applied to walls, mirrors, glass, wood, pretty much any solid surface with the proper prep of that surface. Select your color from the drop down choices.  Then select your size.  Size is based off the longest side of your decal, for example if you want a 4" x 6" decal, you would select SIZE 6".  Decals are cut proportionally, so the shorter side will be in proportion to the longer side to look perfect and not distorted.  In the case of round initials it would be a 6" circle. I HAVE MORE SIZES AND COLORS, NOT JUST WHAT IS LISTED IN OPTIONS....Ebay limits the # of variations per ad!  Message me for all your needs!!!  We Do CUSTOM Work!!! Please message us FIRST to discuss details and for a price quote so you can order thru our ebay custom ad!  Maybe you want your favorite sports team logo, or your initials, or need vinyl words for a special project (ex: cornhole board), I can help you out with your needs at a VERY affordable price.  I do this as a hobby and NOT a full-time job.  I will be glad to help out in any way possible. All vinyl I use is HIGH QUALITY vinyl that will last you many, many years for indoor use, and up to 6 years outdoor use.  Yes, I could use cheap vinyl and sell at a lower price, but that is not the case.  Enjoy high quality vinyl that is made to last. Prep Work for Applying to Walls:Step 1: Clean the surface. Removing any dirt or oil from the surface is very important. Making a clean surface will allow the decal to adhere properly. Leaving dirt or oil behind will cause the decal to adhere to them, rather than the wall.Remove dirt and oil for best application.Remove dirt with a damp sponge.Use a small amount of soap to remove oil.Be sure the wall is dry before placing the decal.Step 2: Place the decal. Placing the decal requires accuracy and focus (I advise creating guidelines on wall where you want to place decal). Stick the decal to the wall.Remove the covering that protects the adhesive side of the decal.Line up the decal with your guideline.Carefully stick the decal to the area you have selected.Work slowly and take your time to ensure accuracy.Step 3: Finalize the application. Using a squeegee (or tennis ball), smooth the surface and remove any air bubbles that may be present. Leaving air bubbles can cause an uneven finish and improper adherence to a surface.Work from the middle and move outwards.Always push air bubbles outwards towards an edge to remove them.Aim for as smooth a surface as you can.Step 4: Remove the paper backing. Paper backing protects the face of your decal, but now it's time to unveil your new decal. Removing the paper backing will let you see the final and full effect of the decal on your space.Peel paper backing from decal SLOWLY (this is the KEY to success) and carefully.Dampen the paper with water OR heat paper overlay with hair dryer if you are having trouble removing it.If the decal pulls off with the paper backing, stop, and carefully reapply that area.You can use a clear adherent like Mod Podge to seal in your decal and keep it in place, if you ever notice it starting to curl or lift off the wall (usually only needed for heavy textured walls or if you did not prep your walls properly before applying graphic).How to Apply Vinyl Decal:Step 1: Clean the surface. Remove the old vinyl lettering, if present, and then clean the surface with appropriate cleaner. Take precaution to avoid lint being left on the surface.For plastic or glass, a simple surface cleaner like windex is appropriate.For exterior painted or metal surfaces, you can use a solvent cleaner.For interior painted surfaces, you can use generic household cleaner.Step 2: Make a hinge for the sign you want to apply. Apply masking tape to the top of the sign. Lift the sign upwards.  ***This Step is purely a suggestion from years of experience and not required, BUT will help keep your decal level/centered where ever you are applying decal.  You can simply removing paper backing and apply decal after prepping surface.*** Step 3: Remove the backing. Pull the adhesive backing upwards. Step 4: Apply the sign. Carefully place the sign on the surface and then use the squeegee (or credit card) to transfer the vinyl to the surface.  Be sure to rub out all air bubbles.  IF you have air bubbles after applying you can take a straight pin and pop them to get rid of air pocket, the hole you create with pin will be unnoticeable.  ***You can also you a soapy water solution applied with a spray bottle on area where applying decal, apply decal, then squeegee out the water for a bubble free application.*** Step 5: Remove the tape. Carefully pull upwards to remove the tape. Feel free to message me anytime with questions about applying your new decals!!! ALL Decals/Wall Graphics are custom cut for you per your order.  In most cases, decals will be custom cut for you and shipped within 2 business days (Purchase on a Monday, should ship out by Wednesday.  Purchase on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, should ship out by Tuesday at the latest).   Positive Feedback is always appreciated and will be left for you the buyer!  If there is ANY reason not to leave me 5 stars and a POSITIVE feedback, PLEASE message me first and I will attempt to do everything I can to make this a GREAT purchase and experience for you!!! ***Please note I try to get colors as accurate as possible, but due to monitor, camera, and other differences it is almost impossible to get an exact 100% match on your computer screen of the actual color of the vinyl you will be receiving. THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

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