Hello Kitty - I love, you love, we all love!

Hello Kitty - we truely love you. Not only because your iconic cute little face has been accompaning us for more than a decade, but also because - lets be honset - you bring out the girl in all of us! From small girls to big girls to women, we all love the adorable Hello Kitty items. And there are quite some out there! We made a best-of-online-shopping selection just for you! Check it out!

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Shirley Temple dolls - collectors item of America's favourite child star

We all love Shirley Temple movies, a true all-American treasure! For collectors all over the world Shirley collectibles and dolls have been in the center of attention for decades, and original Shirley dolls as well as authentic paper doll books will bring anys collector heart to beat faster! Check out our special picks for the true Shirley Temple fan and collector!

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America's Favourite little gal: Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is know as America's biggest child star in the history of film! Her career began at the tender age of three and skyrocketed to fame in the 1934 film Bright Eyes. She was the youngest gifted film and television actress, dancer and singer of past times and lead America through the depression with a smile! Later in her life she turned to Politics and became US Ambassador to Botswana and the Czechoslovakia. What we Americans most love about her is her amazing on screen presence and her iconic beauty she kept throughout the years. Check out our favorite picks of Shirley Temple film and fan material!

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Reborn dolls, the most precious collectible dolls around!

We love reborn dolls! Its like having a real live baby at home without the sleepless nights and full diapers! You are not familiar with reborn dolls? A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. Depending on the craftsmanship, reborn dolls can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars! So make sure to check out our special deals and make one of these precious dolls your own!

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Dolls with a legend - Cabbage Patch Kids

Created by American art student Xavier Roberts in 1978 cabagge patch dolls moved on to become the most popular toy fads of the 1980s and one of the longest-running doll franchises in America! We all know and love these adorable dolls, that are hand stitched and all come with their own personalioty and style. No one doll is exactely the same, a promise the manufacturers have made sure to keep ever since! Adopt a cabbage patch baby or cabbage patch kid and become part of the cabbage patch kids lengend! Each doll comes with its own birthcertificate and adoption papers.

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Straw purses - summer, fun and pool parties!

It's summer, and we like to show it! Especially when you just came back from vacation like I did, or just want to bring the vacation feelng into your daily routine, a hint of summer, sun adn fun in our fashion is just the thing. Straw purses spell beach feeling, summer brise and hot nights! Check out our favourite selection of summer straw purses!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream makers!

It is summer, yes and who doesn't like a scoop of great ice-cream to cool off! Remember how grandma Jones used to make her own delicious ice cream? And how we used to love it as kids. Even the process of making it is part of our summer memories! Why not keep up the tradition and get yourself and your family an ice cream maker! Choose between retro-chic modern appliances, old-school simplicity or modern easy to use models! We have the best selection!

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Cool boom boxes for real boys

No matter how old we are, we all love to listen to our favourite tunes! Maybe your small on at home is still in need of his own CD player? Well we made the perfect selection of cool CD players and boom-boxes for any age! Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Carribean themes CD players, as well as Rock Camp are awesome CD players by Disney that will spiff up any boys room! Chek them out!

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Special CD player for real girls

You love music and are annoying everyone with your favorite tunes. Make sure you get your own girly CD player! Or are you looking for the perfect CD player for your little princess at home? We made a great selection of CD players and boom-boxes that will match her pink room and will make her little eyes sparkle!

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Sideshow collectibles - high quality film material miniatures

Sideshow Collectibles are trully the best quality producers of movie tying material collectibles around! We love the detail their figures and recreations have and the hand-painted and hand-crafted finish! We made a best of selection just for you and picked the best collectibles from all famous collection series: The Predetor, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man! Have a sneak and check out our epic selection!

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Real fan material - Star War replicas!

Star War fans watch out! For we have THE stuff for you! Check out this special feature blog entry and add some extra cool replica essentials to your collection. We searched the web for the most amazing deals and here is what we came up with! Enjoy!

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Multi-functioning knives for pratical men and women

Real men, real knives. We found an amazing choice of great and grand knives for outdoor activity, survival and handy-men! Chek out the selection and find out how cheap a real Seffield can be!

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Digital cameras - Summer time, vacation time, picture time!

Summer time, vacation time, picture time! In need of a great new camera for this seasons travel period? We have just the thing! A great choice of semi-professional and just-shoot cameras for every kind of photographer! Have a sneak peak and make sure to a camera that will help you capture all those great summer moments with your friends and family!

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Frilly diaper covers - the cutest baby underwear

Ruffles ruffles, more ruffles and an instant adorable summer outfit is born! Need a fuss-free summer outfit for your little princess? Then pair one of these adorable diaper covers with a t-shirt or dress and get an instantly gorgeous outfit! Most of these bloomers are made of cotton and are machine wash! cute and pratical, what else do we need? Check out our favorite picks of ruffled diaper covers!

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Very happy Birthday cake toppers!

A Birthday cake should be the show-topper of every Birthday party! Of course it should taste amazing, but most of all it needs to look amazing! The icing on the cake might be important, but cakes nowadays need more! Check out our great selection of cake toppers for the best birthday cake ever!

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